Selected Work

Some selected scenes from Brat Princess


Cow RECEPTACLE Training 

720 HD: Lola loves to experiment on the cows between their required shifts on the milking bench. The Brat Princess Male Milker System is excellent at re wiring male brains. The cow is forced to stay hard and to continue to try and orgasm. The machine of course shuts down all orgasms with a corrective shock. The male will also get a corrective shock if it does not try and cum as well. The result is the male is edged. Since the male is restrained and the electrical distribution system is very reliable, the cow can be edged for hours. During this forced edging behaviors can be introduced to the male. It will learn to sexualize these behaviors. This cow is close to retirement. He will be turned into a toilet slave for 3 to 4 girls. The purchase has already been made. The training now begins to become a receptacle. A cruel mouth drain gag is strapped to the cows face. It cannot stop anything from being poured into it. Lola illustrates to the camera the brush. The brush is used as a training tool and for punishment. The brush can be used to force the contents of the cows mouth down its pipe into its gut. Lola very calmly first demonstrates how she can teach the tank to consume liquid waste. She first uses a enema bag and uses a hose to drip drip drip the waste down into the cows tank. The machine continues to edge the male as it is used. Next Lola trims her cunt hair into the cows mouth. The slave must learn to consume all forms of female waste including cunt hair. The girls will sit on the toilet and trim their bush into the slaves mouth. The cow is helpless as Lola snips her cunt hair and drops the clippings into its mouth. The girls will undoubtedly have boyfriends. Boyfriends mean used condoms. The toilet must be able to flush condoms as well. The cow tries and rejects the cum from the condom. Lola then uses a full force manual shock. The shock is felt across the cows ball bag. It forces the cow to comply. It will need more training in this area. Lola then returns to the enema bag and drip drip drips more liquid down the slaves throat. This washes everything down its gullet. Lola then uses the brush one more time to make sure the cows mouth is empty. Lola then leaves a special surprise into the cows bowl of a mouth. She closes the drain plug with the object in place. The cow will be forced to suck on it for hours. The feel and tone of this clip is very clinical. Shot with 2 cameras. (29:01 long)


Cow RECEPTACLE TRAINING Two (Life in the Box)

720 HD: This is a special Brat Princess holiday release! This is actually 2 clips. In the first c lip Lola has another receptacle training session with Cow Echo on the milking bench with the tormenting software in use. Cow Echo is being rewired to become sexually aroused when he is used as a receptacle. Cow Echo has already been sold to a sorority house so he needs to be fully trained soon. Lola again uses an enema bag to allow a careful drip into the Echos mouth. At one point Cow Echo gets fussy. It is too much for him. Lola does not hesitate to thrash Echo. She whips him with all the force she can muster. The training resumes with another drip. Echo is again beaten. The training and beating continues. The entire time the Cow is on the milking bench with the periodic shocks stopping any orgasm. In part 2, Echo has his first overnight in the Box. Lola will use Echo in her room for the night. Echo will have to get use to the long time periods of isolation he will face as a receptacle. His head is placed in a box and is latched shut. Echo cannot move. A small hole allows a tube to be shoved into Echos mouth. Echo cannot stop it. Lola shows off the flush leash made of twine around Echos balls. Echo will have to flush or his bills will be tugged on. Lola demonstrates the use of Echo. The clip ends with Lola in bed reading a book. Echo will stay locked in the box ready for use. He will have to learn to accept living in the box. (24:33 long)

lola - very dirty foot worship.gif

Very Dirty Foot Worship

1080 HD: Lola’s feet are extremely dirty. She has been walking around barefoot all day. God only knows what’s on the floor of the Brat Princess loft after a day of filming. She’s disgusted with herself. Her soles need to be cleaned immediately. All the dirt will be consumed by a resident house slave. Lola wants him to lick off and swallow every speck, even an errant sequin from one of the Princesses’ outfits. She grabs the hapless slave by its stupid facial hair and crams her dirty foot into its mouth. Lola gets more and more excited as the slave’s tongue gets blacker and blacker. She loves making him lick off all the dirt. Every time the slave’s tongue gets really blackened with filth, Lola turns the slave’s head to the camera and makes it display before it swallows. She helps the slave wash the dirt down into its system with some spit, relishing the filth going deep inside it. The slave must consume every last bit of whatever the hell has been stuck to the bottom of Lola’s feet. She enjoys having her dirty feet licked so much that once they are clean, she leaves so that she can get them dirty again.  (9:18 long)