Madam Director is not just a New York based Dominatrix. She is most definitely an artist and quite possibly a shaman. Her work utilizes BDSM as a vehicle for spiritual shadow work; which often provides her clients with a gratifying, profound, sense of catharsis. Each session is a highly personalized ritual in which she holds space for unabashed and deeply primal (meta)physical exploration.


Madam Director is a true sadomasochist. She will help you redefine your personal thresholds for suffering. She has honed her natural sadism into a craft and is highly adept at adept at inflicting the right type and level of pain. Empathetic, intelligent and intuitive, Madam makes connections on multiple levels. She will bring latent elements within your psychosexuality to light; honoring their vulnerability and nascence. Madam Director is a pioneer practitioner in a field not yet definable. Her work is transgressive, thoughtful and impressive in structure. Time spent with her isn’t merely entertaining; it approaches jouissance.